The Lamination

More than a

The EWS gives you as a user many benefits in order to quickly get the accurate quality for your laminated products:

Less waste of laminating material.

Less risk of damage to the sign material.

Less waste of time.

How does it work?

The EWS Workstation has a unique and patented electronically controlled pressurized roller which ensures an accurate and even pressure along the entire length of the roller.

This ensures the roller will be exactly parallel towards the table surface. The lamination process is therefore not needed to be done in the exact middle of the table.

No damages on pressure sensitive materials in corners or ends of the material. Supporting posts are not needed during lamination.

Easy to handle

Six levels of roller pressure available to get optimized pressure for any type of lamination.

Appropriate pre-programmed pressures for certain materials, easily set with quick commands.

Work anywhere on the table. No more stretching towards the middle.

Made in Sweden

Serial Production

LED lights

LED backlighted surface with variable brightness makes it easy to use crop marks.

Easy to transport
and install

EWS is preassembled from the factory and packed vertically so that it can be transported easily, e.g. through narrow passages (doors etc.).


Recessed grooves for cutting knife on both sides of the table surface.

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